Safari Planning

Planning to take a safari in Africa?  Need help planning your national park vacation? Discover our best tips, travel ideas, and secrets about taking a safari to Africa’s national parks. Here is a collection of all the information you need to know to get started with planning an African Safari.

  • What are the best things to do in national parks
  • When is the best time to go
  • What are the essential things to pack for a safari?

Traveling to Africa requires great planning. One can minimize problems by planning well in advance and taking a few precautions before embarking on the journey. This will alleviate problems and ensure that you have a safe and hassle free trip. There are several things that you need to do to make your travel in Africa trouble free and interesting. Although this safari guide is written principally as a detailed ‘Safari Companion’ – an invaluable resource to accompany you on your trip – there is much to be thought about and considered before you even start to plan your trip in detail, in addition to such further matters as medical precautions, what to pack, and so on.

Safari Packages

Which Safari – Choosing a Safari to Take in Africa

Most visitors combine wildlife with other things to do in Africa inclusing, photography, fishing, cultural tours or even a beach safari. For all-inclusive group packages booked in your home country, your tour operator is bound to influence the duration and places you will visit and the kind of accommodation facilities you will use.  On the other hand, a package that you design together with your operator is more likely to carry your preferences.  As in many other destinations, the duration of the vacation and the nature of transport and hotel facilities used largely determine the overall cost of your package.

Safaris in Africa go on throughout the year. However there are two peak seasons with the first one running between June and October and the second between December and February. There are similarly two low- tourist seasons. The first one lasts from March to June and the second from October to November. Discounts on accommodation and other services are common during the low seasons.

Booking Your Safari

You may book your Safari with your local agent or engage a tour operator many of whom run their own websites. You could alternatively do your booking upon arrival in Africa though this is very risky during the peak season – June – September and November – December. There are many tour operators operating within different countries in Africa. When booking online it’s advisable to engage an agent and negotiate for prices of the package. Also, it helps to have preferences on what you would love to enjoy most– Is it game (which kind of Game?) or beach or both? – rather than have  the operator draw the whole safari for you.