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Welcome to the Africa Safari Blog, the practical guide to planning a safari in Africa. This online travel resource offers all the practical information you need to get started with planning a safari holiday. Find out the best destinations to visit, top safari experiences to enjoy, list of top things to do, and travel tips to help you explore Africa.

The Africa Safari Blog is an independent adventure travel blog dedicated to Africa safaris with resourceful information to guide you in planning your next trip. With this resource discover the amazing places to visit in Africa, top safari experiences and more. It also serves as a guide to planning safaris within the different countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.

This safari blog has been created for Safari planners and wildlife enthusiasts planning to visit the different countries in East Africa. Our intent is to inform, educate and entertain guests through features on Africa safaris and pursuits, advice and tips to guide you in planning your trip and latest news, advisories. Learn something new from our timely blog posts made by locals.

The Africa Safari Blog is a mini-journal about African Safaris and Travel. It…

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The African continet is covered with nature’s very best wonders. Discover places that will definitely delight you including cities and towns, national parks, game reserves, etc.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Amazing tours in Ras Mohammed National Park

Egypt is a land of fascination and enchantment for all. Visiting this beautiful desert region...
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Zambia Safari: Truly Amazing

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Everyone always asks me whether I have seen a shark. Before, my answer was always “No, thankfully not!” but today it is an emphatic: “Yes, not again!” A Northern Kilometre out from the Island of Kalakajaro which I had planned to set camp on for the night, I was...

Serengeti National Park

Tanzania: Step into the Glorious Past In Masai language, it means “endless plains” and Serengeti National Park truly stands up to its name! Hailed as...

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Feeling Outlandish in the Okavango Delta

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Why Explore Uganda on a Self Drive Tour?

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Kidepo Elephants

Explore Kidepo Valley National Park

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Guide to Maiko National Park

Located in remotest tropical rain forest areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Maiko National Park is one of the most spectacular protected...

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