Kruger National Park

Below is a checklist of the most visual species;

Aardvark, Aardwolf, Antelope Roan, Antelope Sable, Baboon Chacma , Badger Honey, Bat Epauletted, Peter’s Bat Epauletted, Wahlberg’s, Bat Free-tailed, Angolan , Bat Free-tailed, Little Bat Tomb, Mauritian Buffalo, Bushbaby Lesser ,Bushbaby Thick-tailed, Bushbuck Bushpig, Cane-rat Greater Caracal, Cat Wild, African Cheetah, Civet Dassie Rock, Dassie Rock Yellow-spotted, Dog Wild Duiker Common, Duiker Red Eland, Elephant African, Fox Bat-eared Genet Large-spotted, Genet Small-spotted Giraffe, Grysbok Sharpe’s Hare Cape, Hare Scrub Hare Red, Natal Hartebeest Lichtenstein’s Hyena Spotted, Hippopotamus Jackal Black-backed, Impala Klipspringer, Jackal Side-striped Leopard Kudu Mongoose BandedLion, Mongoose Grey, Large Mongoose Dwarf, Mongoose Selous’s, Mongoose Meller’s , Mongoose Water, Mongoose Slender, Monkey Samango, Mongoose White-tailed Mouse, Multimammate, Natal Monkey Vervet , Oribi, Nyala Pangolin, Otter Clawless Porcupine, Polecat Striped Reedbuck Mountain, Reedbuck Common, Rhinoceros Black, Rhebok Grey, Serval Rhinoceros White Squirrel Tree, Springhare Suni, Steenbok , Warthog, Tsessebe, Wildebeest Blue, Waterbuck , Zebra Burchell’s. You can as well book other Africa‚Äôs safari which is related.