DR Congo

Though the Democratic Republic of Congo has been known as the heart of darkness, this is history now. The country is believed to have recovered form the civil conflicts that hit the country in the past years claiming the lives of many people and wildlife in the protected areas presently, the country has stabilized and tourism takes place there. The country is blessed with various natural, cultural, historical and man made features all interesting to the travelers in that some of these features are not found some where else in the whole world.

The Democratic Republic of Congo rewards intrepid travelers with beautiful countryside and some of the continent’s most exciting trekking, which is something magical about the country. The expansive countryside is alive with colorful flowers, flourishing fruits and luscious green plants. Here, towering mountain peaks are garnished with wisps of mist and giant primates roam the rain forests, munching juicy leaves, swinging from vines and rolling playfully in the dirt.

Some of the secrets that travelers should discover in the Democratic Republic of Congo include among others:

The mountain gorillas:

Having approxiamtelky880 mountain gorillas in he whole world found in the Virunga conservation area. The democratic republic of Congo is blessed to one of the three countries that have these rare species. It is along side Uganda and Rwanda with Uganda having the large population of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Mountain gorillas in the democratic republic of Congo are found in the Virunga National Park and maximum of eight people are allowed to interact with one gorilla family in the national park.

There are six gorilla families in Virunga National Park and are available for trekking. Travelers should therefore experience this most interesting wildlife encounter in the whole world.

Nyiragongo volcano

This is also situated in the heart of the Virunga National Park. It is the only volcano that has the largest lava lake in the whole world. The volcano is so active along side Nyamulagira also in the national park. The last eruption took place n 2002 although signs of new eruption have shown presently and is expected any time. Hiking the volcano is so much interesting and reaching at the summit is another memorable experience, travelers encounter some wild animals in the process of hiking and at the forest beneath the volcano.  While at the summit of the volcano, Travelers have a clear view of the neighboring countries Uganda and every traveler who visits the area cannot forget Rwanda and the glittering lava lake at night.

Eastern lowland gorillas:

This is another gorilla specie that is found only in the Democratic republic of Congo among all African countries. The gorilla specie is found in the Kahuzi Biega National Park and few people know about it. Adventure travelers can therefore visit the country to discover and experience these rare species that adds to the total satisfaction.

Water bodies

The Democratic republic of Congo is blessed with a variety of water bodies, which support some tourism activities. The Congo River its self is 7.078 km long (3,733miles) and is navigable for almost 1440km and its basin contains the planets largest rain forest the Congo River forest. The river basin occupies the central and northwestern parts of the county while further south savanna grasslands extend to the border with Angola. A number of lakes are in the eastern borders of the country and these include lakes Edward shared with Uganda, Lake Kivu shared with Rwanda, Mweru and Tanganyika shared with Tanzania and Burundi.

In conclusion therefore, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of Africa’s less known destinations offering the most extraordinary safari experiences and, by the very essence of its splendor and variety, deserves to be seen. Travelers should therefore not miss out traveling to the democratic republic of Congo for the greater and memorable experience.