Malawi is a landlocked area on Nyasaland, the south eastern region of Africa.  Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique lie to the east, the south and the Westlake Malawi separates Tanzania from Mozambique. The capital of this country is a city called Maravi.

Malawi was first colonized by he British .when it got its independence in the nineteen sixties; it became a single party state. Amongst the densely populated countries , Malazi is the last developed. There is a lot of rural population and the economy is based primarily on agriculture. The people of the region used to be hunter-gatherers.

The climate here is quite hot; especially in the low lying area of the country. However the northern highlands have a temperate climate. Between Novembers an April, there are rains and thunderstorms and March faces severe thunderstorms.

Malawi has two listed UNESCO world heritage sites. These are the Malawi national park and the Chongoni rock art area.

Clusters of one hundred and twenty seven different places in the granite hills in Malawi’s central plateau. Carbon dating shows the theses rocks that have been carved and painted on are very old.  It has been found that the people who were responsible for these amazing rock arts are mostly people from the hunter-gatherer culture.

One is the Chewa ethnic group in the Malawi region who has ancestry going back all the way till the Iron Age. It is believed that this group is also responsible for some of the art works.

And the group has been continuing the tradition to paint on the rocks even now. In fact, their paintings are very closely tied to their festivals and their rituals.  Generally, rock art is not something that is found amongst agricultural folks.  There is also an observation that most of these paintings are created with symbols about women.

The strong persistence of its rich culture and tradition has been depicted in these paintings. The dense and extensive collection of rock art is mainly showed depicting women’s initiation rights, funeral rights were also shown in the paintings. Apart from these there were paintings about agriculture and farming that were depicted on the rocks.

Apparently the Nyau secret society is close associate with this structure and promotes the strong association that lies between the rock art and the lives they lead, the traditions they follow and the rituals that they perform.

A strong part of Malawi culture is its dances and their national event called the national dance troupe. The government was quite proactive in the formation of this organization.

These dances and rituals are performed at initiation rituals, marriage ceremonies and other such similar celebrations.

Basketball and soccer are famous in Malawi.

The local tribes of the region are known for their mask carving and basket making industries. These attributes are prevalent in today amongst the native tribes. Along with these, wood carving and oil paintings are also popular at these places.

The government is making the country very tourist friendly and there will be a variety of things to do once you’re here…