Come to Africa and get to see the most fascinating ecotourism destination – Gabon. Here is where you will get to see ideal travel delights and delightful memories of being in the most magnificent national parks. Come here and enjoy the feeling of being in a beautiful zone of greenery, rain forests and the loveliest of savannahs, rivers and estuaries. This is where you will find have one of the most beautiful parks in the world – The Loango National Park. This park situated on the southern coast of Gabon has a lot of beautiful hippos which you can capture on your camera.

It was President El Hadj Omar Bonto who gave around 10% of the country’s green zones and made it into national parks. So these open zones began to be closed to all the miners and the loggers and are open only for all the ecotourists, travelers and conservationists. Today Gabon is a place where you can get to see the best sights of the tropical rainforests and explore the lovely white sands of the beaches that are found here. The Loango National Park with its location on the Southern Gabon Coast is popular amongst tourists for its lovely hippos which roam in this region.

Then there is the eastern part of Gabon where you have the Ivindo National Park which has the best eco camp and has a great sight of gorillas and elephants. All wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers would surely love to come here and enjoy the pleasures of trekking and they would certainly go back with ideal “wild” memories. The pristine ambience and the enthralling environment only would enchant you with their simple beauty.

Situated on the coast of Atlantic Ocean in the central part of Africa, on the equator, the country of Gabon has a great expanse of rain forests which dominate 85% of the lovely country. The coastal plains and the mountains and the savanna form the main landscape of Gabon and it has an interesting terrain with the Chaillu Massif in the centre rising to around 1575m.  The largest river here is the Ogooue and it is around 1200 km long

Gabon is famous for its caves found in plenty here. The karst areas are the places where the best plethora of limestone and dolomite rocks is found. The Grotte du Lastoursville, the Grotte du BOngolo, the Grotte du Kessipougou and he Grotte du Lebamba are famous caves to be visited in Gabon.

In the year 2002, President Omar Bongo Ondimba put Gabon on the ecotourism map and designated more than 11% of the nation’s green zones to be great parks. There are in all 13 parks in the country. Besides the fact that natural resources such as magnesium, iron, uranium, gold and natural forests.

The Ivindo National Park is another national park that was declared as a national park in the year 2002, and the park was demarcated in the year 2004. This is situated in the central eastern part of Gabon and is divided into two by the equator. The world first came to know about this park when Mike Fay passed the Ivindo national park in the expedition in the year 2000.

Also there is the Langoue Bai which is a park established by the Wildlife Conservation Society and here the main focus is to watch the movements of the large mammals and the wildlife here. So get to see the best sights of gorillas, elephants and the buffalos notwithstanding the siatungas. There are many animals which are fitted with GPS transmitters, so that one can analyse their movements. Then you also have the forest buffalo, the red river hog, the chimpanzee, the leopard and the slender snouted crocodile.

With lovely butterflies also dominating the region, Gabon is a wonderful country to visit and a great place to be in.