Ethiopia is a country that is situated in the horn of Africa.  After Nigeria, this country is the most populated, in the whole of Africa.

Eritrea lies to the north and Kenya to the south. Sudan lies to the west of the country and Somalia lies to the east.

Also the country is the second oldest country which is and official Christian nation after Armenia. Ethiopia was never colonized which is one unique thing about this country compared to most African countries although it was under Italian military occupation for a period of five years.

The country is quite historical. In fact its name was Abyssinia.  Which is Turkish; for land of the Habesha people. 

The climate here is a tropical monsoon with lots of variation. Even thought it is close o the equator, the climate is cooler than most other countries with the similar attribute. The reason being, most of the major cities in the country are much higher than sea level.

In fact the local capital of Addis Ababa is located at the foot of a hill range that is home to  Mount Entoto.

If you want to get around, buses are quite common here. There is a comprehensive system and cheap buses that you can quite commonly used here.

One remarkable attribute of Ethiopia is that like many other African countries, namely; Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. All these have national parks and wildlife reserves. 

Ethiopia is also a country with many national parks and wildlife reserves and conserves.

Lets us check out the Ethiopian safari

The safari starts out from the front of the traveler frontier right into the deepest sections of the south of Ethiopia.

If you are traveling to this place by road, then you can head south along the Rif valley lakes and the omo basin which is to the south of the road.  And then once you come closer to the north side of the jade sea the place is right there.

You will find many nomadic tribes, the river and basin of omo. The most spectacular thing about these lakes is the largest crocodiles in the world are found here in this lake.

A lot of historians, ancient researchers, naturalists and scientist come here to Ethiopia and usually visit the north.

Although the south western region of the country is a famous place for pilgrimage.

On the safari you will get to see amazing scenery, sparkling lakes, a verity of plant and animal life. Also here you will find a blend of many cultures.