Honeymoon Safaris

More and more people are choosing to take their honeymoon on safari in Africa. Perhaps the ideal combination is to spend a week relaxing on an idyllic Indian Ocean beach, especially on the Spice Island of Zanzibar, followed by a week out in the bush.

Many camps have special honeymoon suites available, although early booking is advised to be able to be certain about getting one of these, and they will often lay on one or two special treats for you as well. Out of high season they may also be able to arrange for you to take game drives or walks by yourselves (accompanied by the guide etc of course), rather than having to share with other guests. Partly it’s down to how good is the relationship that your tour operator has with the lodge in question.

It is even possible to arrange for the actual wedding to take place out in the bush – perhaps the ultimate such experience, if somewhat expensive for your guests!