Private Safaris Vs Group Safaris

Tips for Group Travel

Most travelers wonder whether to join a scheduled safari or organize a private safari in Africa. In this article, uncover the truth about private safaris vs group safaris.

Private tours are organized for an individual (single traveler), couples or a group of people with a common goal and Interest. In most occasions, private safaris are organized on request from the tour operator. On the other hand, group tours are prepared for groups of people with different goals and interest – travelers can be coming from the same location or different one. Group tours are normally sold at a lower rate if compared with private safaris given that the cost is split within the group members.

Characteristics of private safaris:

Private tours are arranged for smaller group as compared to group tours. It can be organized for a single traveler, couple, work mates or few family members.

Private safaris targets only members with similar goals and interest like Gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, birds, hiking among others.

Private tours are characterized by high level of privacy – like honey moon trips, family tours. In other words facilities like accommodation, vehicle among others are shared by few people. In most occasion you will always travel with the people you know such as friends, mates etc.

Private trips are expensive compared to group tours – this is because few people solicit fund – if it’s a family safari, the elders pay for the young members and the husband can pay for the wife. The vehicle is purposely for the specific travelers – No sharing.

Private safaris are easily managed than group trips- the guides attend to a few people and maximum care is given.

As the word private, the safaris are also privately organized but under maximum security – the travelers knows each other properly.

On private safaris, the guide can easily answer the questions of few tourists – the ranger to can make the trip easily.

For attraction viewing like Chimpanzee tracking or Gorilla trekking, travelers can view the attraction clear – the few people at the scene can easily see the attraction since there is low competition.

Groups Tours:

Group tours are enjoyed by the enjoyed by groups of people with different interests and goals – they can be coming from different location but united by the safari. Group tours are much cheaper compared to private trips.

Facilities like accommodation, safari vehicles, and guides and so on are shared to lower the safari costs. In other words – privacy is limited.

On the other hand, group tours are much interesting and informative since travelers move while sharing different views about the new destination, attractions among others.

Group trips unite travelers from different locations – friendship is created.

To tour operators with many tourists, great discounts are offered on accommodation, vehicles, boat rides among other activities. This is a big deal but at low costs per person – in low seasons, the Uganda Gorilla permits are discounted from $ 600 to $ 300, accommodation rates are also reduced.

In case one member is attached by transmitted diseases – other members are also like to be attacked. Diseases like Measles, cough, chicken pox, red eyes among other. Therefore, travelers are advised to move with medications.

For effectiveness, tour operators are advised to clear draw a schedule table for group tours on their website to enable clients of similar interest book together.


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