6 Historic Places to Visit in Africa

Robben Island

Africa is a magical continent with a lot more to explore. A safari in Africa isn’t only about exploring its diverse wildlife but also for you to explore most of its mesmerizing historic sites. Each historic site in Africa has a distinct story to share with the world and so a unique experience for you to get back home with.

Below are some of the best historic places to visit in Africa


Luxor rises above Egypt’s other towns given its sheer wealth of temples and tombs. It is one of exceptional historic places worth exploring on African safari in Egypt. The mesmerizing landmarks to explore in Luxor include among others the Valley of the Kings-a historic site with dramatic sights. The Valley of the Kings features breathtaking landscape comprising of jagged peaks. This historic place features a number of tombs which date back 500 years and the tragically short-lived nature of the Pharaohs of Egypt. Among the many tombs, Tutankhamen’s tomb is incredibly the most celebrated.

The Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut-which sits beneath 300-meter-tall limestone cliffs. This historic site was designed to evoke Hatshepsut’s divine birth which makes it among the few most outstanding temples. Medinat Habu is another remarkable landmark to consider a must to explore on African safari in Egypt. It is first site to be devoted to Amun-the ‘King of the Gods.’ The Temple of Karnak-this is a complex temple compared to most monuments in Luxor. It features the Great Temple of Amun, Festival Temple of Tuthmosis the third and The Temple of Khons.


In Ethiopia, Lalibela is that one historic place to consider a must-visit. It popular for the Lalibela’s rock hewn churches and a visit to this historical site leaves many with lots of lasting memories while on African safari. The historic churches were established between 7th and 13th centuries and features a unique architecture. On a visit to this historic site, you will spot several of the white robe clad pilgrims.

Lalibela is a remarkable town within Lasta Amhara Area of Egypt. This magical town is popular for globally for its ancient churches carved from within the earth from ‘Living rock’. This plays essential part in the history of rock-cut architecture.

Robben Island

An African safari in South Africa isn’t only for you to catch a glimpse at the big five African game but for you to also explore the Robben Island. This magical island is set a short distance away from the Coast of Cape Town. It is from this island that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for about 8 years and today, it undoubtedly the most essential historic places worth exploring on African safari. While here, you will pay a visit to the prison’s small cells where political prisoners were held at the time of the Apartheid.

Elmina Castle

This lies along what was popular as the Gold Coast. This historic place was established by the Portuguese around 1482 in order to control the region and dominate trade. The Castle features as the ancient European building in the Sub-Saharan Africa and offers that the ancient experience in which the imprisoned Africa went through prior crossing overseas as slaves.

lle de Goree

This historic place lies in Senegal and features the dark history dating 300 years back. It is situated very close to Dakar. The beautiful lle de Goree is the French confined Africans into this place prior sending them overseas into a life of slavery. Today, this historical place features colonial buildings. On a visit to lle de Goree, Senegal; don’t miss to spend a day on Goree Island-a unique tourist site to explore on African safari.

The Great Mosque of Djenne

A visit to Mali is never complete without a visit to the Great Mosque of Djenne. It is one of the amazing landmarks in African continent. This historic site was set up in the 13th century and the current mosque dates back to 1907 and every year, the whole town confines in this area to conduct repairs at a lively local festival.

Other historic places to visit in Africa include the Great Zimbabwe. The ruins of the Great Zimbabwe were set up between 11th and 14th centuries and they are the largest in the Sub Saharan Africa. Today, they are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which makes them a few hidden gems in Africa.

Kilwa in Tanzania features a unique history worth exploring on African safari. This city features among the powerful cities on the East African coast. A visit to Kilwa lets you explore the ruins of palaces, royal buildings among others.

In conclusion, Africa features numerous historic places which you can explore in addition to game viewing experience. Visit anyone of the historic places in Africa and have insight into Africa’s unique history.


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