How to Plan A Successful African Safari


Africa is among the countries with lots of attractions a waiting for tourists to see and explores.  Examples of tourist attractions in Africa include wild animals, birds, relief, vegetation, drainage features among others. Africa is one of the riches continents as far as unique culture is concerned. Many tribes exhibit different cultural norm and traditions.

Below are some of the factors that make African trip a success:

Reputable Safari Company – the safari company you have booked with determine the success of your safari. Inexperienced Tour Company staff can disorganize your long time planned safari and in the end you become the disappointed traveler in life. Some safari company mismanages their clients’ funds and at the end offers poor service.

Advance booking – it is advisable to book your safari some time back before the actual travel dates. This gives you enough time to plan and choose the best options to enable your safari become a success. Some tourists plan and book their safari a year before the safari dates. That will enable the tour company to select for you’re the best accommodation, tourist activities, and safari vehicles and so on. It will also allow you make changes which will enable you enjoy your safari.

Contact more than one Tour Company and choose the best which will offer you the best to suit your interest, budget and schedule. As you communicate with different tour operators, you will be able to know the professional, experienced and reputable ones.

Choose a safari depending on your budget, schedule and interest – as you contact different tour operators, ask the availability depending on your travel dates. If you want to trek primates like Gorilla, chimpanzees, Golden monkeys and so on make sure, your permits are booked in advance to avoid disappointments.  It should be noted that, some primates like Gorillas and chimpanzees are on high demand throughout the year.

Apply and get your visas in advance– It should be noted that visas of some countries are heard to get so, apply early to avoid disappointment.  Read more about the terms and conditions governing visas of the nations you are planning to visit. You can contact friend who have ever toured there or get the information on the internet.

Book your flights in advance – look for the reliable Airline Company because some companies cancels flight anyhow. Contact different Airline and see their schedules and fare before buying your flight ticket.

The political climate of the countries you plan to visit… before setting off, visit your embassy to know the security of the countries you plane to visit. Some countries are unpredictable and turn dangerous any time. Always use internet to read about the situations before going.

Know the type of tour you are planning to go for – if you want to save, it is advisable to book group tour. If you travel as a group, you will share costs like transport, accommodation, services of the tour guides and so on. Private trips are a bit expensive but some people like them to reserve their privacy.

Prepare according to the activities you plan to enjoy… for primate trekking, prepare tracking gears, mountaineering, prepare or request to hire hiking kit, white water rafting…prepare extra shorts and so on. It’s advisable to ask your travel agent to send you the list of the safari requirements and so on.

Ensure that all changes are done in advance …cancellations should be done prior to avoid heavy penalties. It should be noted that last minute cancellations attracts penalties in terms of costs.

The better safari vehicles – it should be noted that some roads in Africa are in bad conditions and only requires 4 wheel drive safari vehicle to maneuver.

Complete all the necessary vaccinations like yellow fever and so on as advised by your travel agent. Travel insurance among other insurance policies should be considered.


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