Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Mountain Gorilla

Mountain gorillas are still an endangered species of wildlife in the world due to the increasing rates of threats for this species. They are greatly threatened by the increasing rates of poaching, human population that ends up encroaching on their habitats raiding them out, civil wars (Rwanda and Congo). However, the Ugandan, Rwandan and Congolese government and environment conservationists are working hard for the continued existence and conservation of these creatures. As a matter of fact there are about 900 surviving mountain gorillas in the world today and are found in only the virunga ranges of Africa covering the Volcanoes national park of Rwanda, Mgahinga national park of Uganda and the Virunga national park of Congo as well as the Bwindi Impenetrable rain forest of Uganda.

The governments of the three countries, with joined efforts of the international and local conservationists like Dian Fossey an American researcher (who initiated the fight for mountain gorillas) have positively impacted on the conservation, protection and survival of the mountain gorillas in the world today. They have been able to achieve this by promoting the tourism industry which in turn offers employment to the locals hence protecting the animals, educating the mass, establishing park/ habitat boundaries and putting up rules against poaching. Due to these, the numbers of mountain gorillas have recorded a steady increase as viewed from the Kwita Izina ceremony (an annual new born baby gorilla naming ceremony) carried out every year in which a number of new born gorillas join the gorilla population.


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