Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa National Park

Luangwa Valley in Zambia

Visit Zambia and enjoy the pleasures at the South Luangwa National park and enjoy the safari delights here in this part of the world. The wildlife inhabitation here fills your tours with the kind of adventure that you would have longed for. As the wildlife provides you ultimate delights on the banks of the River Luangwa, this one of the highest in Africa and provides ultimate delights in this part of Southern Africa. With pods of hippos, and many lions, elephant, leopard and the African wild dogs along with the giraffe and zebras this is one of the best places to get wildlife sights. With the kind of variety of avifauna species that are found here, the south Luangwa national park is a lovely place to be in and also should not be missed when you are going on a tour to South Africa.

South Luangwa National park is a lovely destination in this part of the world which provides you with the best kind of tour delights and travel destinations. The River Luangwa runs through the centre of this beautiful park spanning over 3475 square miles. The River has made its own trail in the entire valley and it creates a beautiful escarpment and leaves a lot of ox bows and lagoons which are filled with hippo and fish.

South Luangwa is very popular for the many hippos which form a mainstay of wildlife here. Then of course you have the Cookson’s wildebeest which is very special to the valley of Luangwa. The African Wild Dog is also found here in the beautiful surroundings of Luangwa Valley.

Once upon a time the Luangwa Valley was filled with fascinating sights of the elephants but then poachers made life difficult for the elephants and their numbers started receeding. The rhino was very sadly enough poached so much that it got extinct.

A birder’s haven, there are more than 400 birds here and these have been recorded with a lot of interest and care. Safari tours Southern Africa include the birds in view and also the warthog and the zebra apart from others.

Luangwa Valley is popular for the walking safari which is filled with many ways to experience wildlife experiences. It is home to some of the best safari guides and if you get a good guide you would surely cherish your visits to this beautiful land in Southern Africa. Walking safaris are not permitted for children below the age of 12. these are given at every lodge and camp in the South Luangwa and these are the major attractions in tours to this part of Africa.

There are also traditional game drives which provide with the best of wildlife experiences and these offer you the best and the most promising travel memories ever.

Birding safaris are another popular activity here and give you a lot of time to enjoy. The best time to come here is during the months of November to February. This is the time the birds mingle with the rest of the migrating birds .There are Carr safaris which provide good itinerary and bird sights.

The South Luangwa Valley also has provisions of a green season when the River Luangwa gets filled and when there are lovely boat trips possible too. There are groves of ebony trees here and there are also excellent opportunities to see these lovely fascinating birds.

South Luangwa National park is open all the year around and looks most beautiful in the green season. One needs at least three nights in South Luangwa. If you can sty for a week the better. the remote surroundings and the lovely ambience, the beautiful haven and the mighty landscape and fascinating terrain all enthrall you totally and you would go back with an enchanting travel kitty.

Visit South Luangwa National Park and bask in the delights of an interesting wildlife destination in this part of the world.


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