What to Wear on Safari

There are many guides that recommend to pack light! It is important to pack the right clothes for your African safari. Today, most camps and lodges have a daily laundry service, so it is not necessary to bring too much clothing. Here is a guide to what to wear on an African safari;

Basically you need to aim for casual, comfortable, bush coloured safari outfits. Recommended colors for safari are green/brown/khaki, not cream/white/coloured). Khaki is the best and most common, color of all, not least because it is the same colour as the dust, which gets everywhere.

Bright colours should certainly be avoided, especially blue, which attracts tsetse flies. Likewise the black color should be avoided since dark colors attract biting tsetse flies.

Camouflage clothing is also not a good idea in most of the countries in East and Southern Africa. Most local authorities consider camouflage clothing as a militaristic threat!

Cool on Safari

Even though most parts of Africa are considered to be moderately warm, it can actually be quite chilly at night, or early in the morning, especially when driving in an open-topped vehicle, and especially, too, if you are at a relatively high altitude, so do plan for this, by taking some sort of sweater or fleece, and allowing for the need to wear long trousers and long sleeves in the evening (useful also for minimizing the
danger of mosquito bites).

A classic safari jacket can also be very useful to wear since it has a wide variety of
pockets, both inside and outside, to carry items such as your sunglasses, sun cream, insect ‘zapper’, small water bottle, torch, notebook, camera etc – just try to remember where you put them all!

Most times, you will need some sort of headgear to protect you from the sun. A neutral coloured baseball cap is perfectly adequate, or you might prefer to go for a classic wide-brimmed hat. But do make sure that it has a chin-strap, or it will almost certainly get blown off if you are in an open-topped vehicle going at any decent speed.

You need three sets of day wear – shorts/shirts (short sleeve or t-shirt), plus two sets of casual evening clothes (long trousers to reduce the risk of insect bites). Add four lots of underwear, a good sports bra (ladies!) and socks, nightwear and swimwear (many camps and lodges have swimming pools, and most common, colour of all, not least because it is
the same colour as the dust, which gets everywhere.