Safari Documents

It is more safer for traveler to have safari documents to avoid any inconveniences or for safety purposes in order to have a successful safari. It is highly encouraged by every country for non-citizens to have certain documents that show your identity, your aims for coming into a country, the country your coming from and some other information.

The documents are as follows;

1. A passport. This is one of the most important documents one must attain and it should be valid to one to be on a safe side.
2. Correct Visas. This is a document that has a stamp on it by the authority giving you permission to travel to a particular country.
3. An identity card. This is a document that identifies a person with your photo on it , your names, nationality, date of expiry , date of birth, card number, and the holders signature plus the sex either male or female.
4. Emergency phone numbers. These numbers are as well important because sometimes you may need to call back home to check out on your people left there or you may need to contact for any help in terms of money or any other help.
5. African travel insurance policy. This is also a very important document because it can help in case of any problems like emergency Medical costs in case you get sick from the country, Accidental injuries, Delayed Flight, Flight cancellation, Lost passport or Luggage, and Delayed Baggage.
6. African safari journals These help to provide information about different kinds of things about different destinations, They talk about accommodations, National parks, activities carried out, the type of transport to use to access different areas and a lot of other information that can be of help to you as traveler.
7. Guide books. These normally cover the areas you are going to visit for you to be aware of whatever takes place in such an area.
8. Your itineraries These are normally provided to you by the tour company that will be taking you for a safari. An itinerary provides information about an area where you will be visiting let’s say a national park, the activities you will be engaged in for example gorilla trekking, nature walks or hiking, community encounters and other activities basing on your requests or your interests, it also gives information on where you will be spending nights, and the days you will be spending in a particular area.
9. Addresses and mobile numbers or emails, post cards. These help or play an important role for a company to contact or communicate back home in case of anything unpredictable that may happen, like may be an accident or any other problem.
10. Any vaccination certificates These provide information on what your life holds as a person and as a traveler for safety purposes. Like in Uganda no one is allowed to enter the country without recent yellow fever check up vaccination document. Therefore you are advised to carry it with you before you get access into the country.
11. Phone card and international access numbers These are very important as one because for any uncertainties that may occur accompany may be able to access your people back home for help. They can also help you as a person to get help from home in case of anything like maybe you have lost the money or do not have enough to sustain your safari.
12. Copies of prescriptions
13. Small stickers to label your used films if you still use films.
14. Medical history.

The above safari documents are listed for our dear clients as green world safari in order for them to be well prepared before beginning the safari without any worries because with such information you are obeying the laws and regulations of the country more especially Having the identity card, passport, visas and others as mentioned above. It is also very important to keep them very safe in order to avoid destruction at the end of the safari.