How Much Does an African Safari Cost

Planning for an African safari and you aren’t sure how much it costs? While most travelers look at African safaris as costly, in real sense they are pocket friendly. A safari in Africa is by far unusual experience! The cost of an African safari differs significantly depending on various factors. Amazingly, it is possible for you to embark on a safari in Africa at $1000 or as low as $100 per day. The experience thereafter is worth it and never regrettable! When planning for a safari in Africa or any destination, it is essential to know factors that influence its cost and they include among others;

The length of your stay at the destination

The cost of a safari may vary depending on the number of days you plan to do a safari. Although this may not have direct effect on how much your safari may cost, it is essential to take note. Usually, spending more days on a safari preferably with the same tour operator may earn you the least cost.

The destination

When planning for a safari, you need to know which destination to visit. A visit to Africa during school holidays may cost you a bit more than what you would pay outside the holidays.  However, other local factors may also come to play. Most national parks in Africa have seasons when to tourists can pay a visit to them for game viewing. Some are better than others and in order to cut down the cost of a safari then the low or rainy or wet season is preferably the best. Most safari lodges may reduce on their accommodation rates as away to attract more clients.

Activities to do

One of the components any traveler on African safari should consider is the activities he or she plans to do. The rates for activities differ significantly depending on the kind of activities and destination itself. If you are interested in gorilla trekking, each gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500, in DR Congo at $450 and in Uganda, you need $600 for foreign non-residents, $500 for foreign residents and shs.250000 for East African citizens. However, starting 1st July, 202o Uganda’s gorilla permits will cost $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and shs.250000 for East African citizens. Gorilla permits can be booked through our reservation team or respective gorilla destination authorities.

The accommodation

The type of accommodation you choose to spend a night while on a safari in Africa does matter a lot. The accommodation facilities in most tourist destinations range from budget to luxury and each of them have the set prices. However, you can find a good lodge for your night stay at lower rate about $75 for budget, $200 for mid-range and luxury lodge can $500-$1000.


A typical African safari is best conducted in a good and comfortable 4×4 drive safari car. However, there are several ways to explore Africa and for those of you who may need to experience something unique, you can opt for horseback rides, boat tours among others. When costing for your safari, how you get to and around your dream does matter a lot. The rates for rental cars differ depending on the type of car you plan to use. However, our rental cars are pocket friendly, comfortable and ever in better mechanical conditions.

Other factors to consider include visa costs, vaccinations, travel insurance, international flights, tipping to mention but a few.

In summary, there is no standard price for a safari as it varies from destination to destination. For any plans to visit Africa, it is essential to put the above factors into consideration.