Booking a Safari

An African safari rewards travel endeavors with lifetime experiences. However, to bring this experience into actual life is something very special and remarkably, an experience that will leave you with lasting memories and even inspire you to make a return journey to explore what Africa has to offer the world. What is amazing is that Africa has something for everyone and that is why you should consider it a must-visit. While Africa is a dream destination to majority of visitors on African safari, to choose and book a destination for your exceptional African safari holiday can be challenging. It is a massive continent and boasts of its diverse safari experiences that range from the big five African game safaris, hot air balloon tours, marine tours, cultural, mountain gorilla trekking safaris to nature walks. An African safari can be best booked online, over the phone or walk into a tour operator directly.

Steps to take to book an African safari

Conduct adequate research

Before you consider booking an African safari, ensure that you have done adequate research. This is to help you know different places that are ideal to visit on your African safari. Most essentially, various tour operators do arrange safaris to various places however, for a memorable African safari holiday, you can consider visiting Uganda for mountain gorillas, wildlife; Tanzania, Kenya to witness the great wildebeest migration, Egypt, Botswana, Namibia, South African, Zambia, Rwanda to mention but a few.

Choose your desired travel method

To book an African safari, you need to know your travel desires whether you prefer guided African safaris, group safaris or self-drive trips. Amazingly, each of these safari reward travelers with distinct experiences. Guided and group safari involves an experienced guide who will keep the trip on track and he or she knows the destinations thus offering you wide knowledge about the different regions you plan to visit. For self-drives, you solely become in charge of your trip-you enjoy your privacy and what is amazing about is that it is very flexible.

Compare the rates

Different tour operators or safaris have different rates. Therefore knowing an estimate of you what expect to spend on a safari is one essential part of planning an African safari. Besides, you should also consider extra fees you are most likely to incur, means of transportation, destination, the accommodation type for a night stay to mention but a few. When it comes to booking an African safari, majority of travelers have chosen us simply because of the quality of the experience we offer, pocket friendly prices, trustworthiness among other factors that position us as one of the best tour companies in Africa.

Contact your tour operator

In case you choose to book an African safari online, make sure that you get in touch with your preferred tour operator on phone early. This is to help you fill the online booking form or send the company an email requesting for booking details. When booking an African safari online, ensure that you have all the basic information about the trip that is the number of people you plan to travel with, their names and contacts. After, let the tour operator know of any possible minor health cases which may impact the trip for instance low blood sugars, asthma among others. Visitors who plan to book an African safari are advised to do so at least 3 to 4 months early.

Observe the company’s terms and conditions

Every tour operator or company has its set terms and conditions which you need to observe carefully. The booking instructions differ from one company to another.