Before Going on Safari

What Are Safaris?

The word ‘safari’ originates in Swahili, meaning a journey or expedition. It probably first gained currency in the outside world when it was used by the legendary novelist and traveller, Ernest Hemingway, and thence became mostly associated with the concept of the ‘Great White Hunter’. Nowadays the safari experience has become available to all, although the word itself has become devolved in use to merely describing the basic ‘game viewing’ activity.

The Africa Safari Blog in contrast, firmly believes that the opportunity to visit Africa enables a journey involving the human soul – from the atavistic pleasure of observing wild animals in a true wilderness habitat, through the opportunity to at least fleetingly experience how a vastly different people live out their near-subsistence existence, to a clearer understanding of our own place in creation.

What is the magic of Africa?

For many people, one visit is sufficient to hook them on coming back to this complex and wonderful continent, time after time. In part we believe that in some way the visitor recognizes that he is revisiting his very roots, Africa being generally acknowledged as the cradle of mankind. Then George Monbiot has attributed it to our desire “to seek an antidote to a surfeit of civilization”. He sees Africa as providing a society that is both much simpler – and more complex – than our own; in turn poorer, and much richer.