Safari Inspiration

The African Safari can be a life-time experience of one’s life. It is a treat for nature- enthusiasts, specially the animal lovers. There are myriad safari destinations in Africa that can make one’s tour to Africa a memorable experience. A great combination of diverse wild life and scenic grandeur, the visit to this marvelous land is surely going to leave an imprint on the heart and mind of the traveler. Not only this, the unmatched adventures of this place are found nowhere in the world.

There are numerous African safari destinations that one can choose from. One of the most famous tourist attractions for safari is Kruger National Park. Known for its vivid wild-life and picturesque landscapes, Kruger is a must-see site for all those who come to watch African flora and fauna. The best time to watch Kruger is between the months of April and September. During this time, visibility is clear due to less vegetation. There are several types of safaris that can be enjoyed including camping, lodge, flight and walking safaris. Most of these expeditions are cost-effective.

Masai Mara, the land of savannahs is a picturesque place and an excellent option for African safari. One can watch the enchanting migration of number wild beasts from plains of Tanzania to Masai Mara. If one is interested in knowing about the diverse culture, he can opt for intrepid expeditions. The Namib safari leads one into the nomadic life. One can have fascinating travel to the Kalahari and Namib deserts. Kgalakgadi Transfrontier Park is famous for red sand dunes and wild conservation area. This place is a habitat of several mammals including lions, leopards, wildebeest etc. Numerous species of birds are also found here. The unique desert landscapes are the prominent features of Namib safari. The vegetation comprises of bushvelds, grasslands, and woodlands. Other attractions of this enchanting place are Kgalgadi Museum and Meerkat.

Okavango Delta Safaris takes one to one of the most charming oasis of the world. In contrast to the other safari destinations, one comes across plenty of fresh water and lovely trees. This safari includes travel to Kalahari Migration Safari that takes a traveler to this famous desert along with Makagadikgadi desert. At Makagadikgadi, on encounters the herds of wildebeest and zebra migrating. At Kalahari Migratory Reserve, one can have a look on the predators including lions; this can make African safari one of the most cherished experiences of life. If one wants to explore the actual wilderness of Delta, the camping safari can take him to the game-reserve where he can have an insight into the times of African exploration.

Uganda Safaris are famous for Gorilla trekking and site-seeing. Uganda is covered with lush green forests, and snowy mountains. Murchison Park is the biggest national park of Uganda. It has diverse wild life and is a home of hippos, lions, elephants etc. The Gorilla Safari involves walk to the forests, lodging camps, and breakfast and lunch facilities. Transportation by vehicles is allowed here. One can also travel to a Chimpanzee Sanctuary that is a home of chimps who are orphaned and are relocated to this place.

Serengeti Safaris includes a number of attractions like Maswa Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Park, and Grumeti. Serengeti houses world Heritage Sites as well as Biosphere Reserves.