A safari to a new destination like Rwanda comes with lots of expectations. For starters, when you think of safari to Rwanda expect to more than its undulating hill side of Africa. Remarkably, a trip to this landlocked country rewards travel endeavors with magical encounters with mountain gorillas a...
Rwanda Gorilla
Is gorilla trekking worth the money, time and energy? Whether you are looking to gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), it is an adventure that is worth it! It is worthy the money, time and energy and after reading this post,...
Bwindi national park is a true rain forest found in the western side of Uganda. Tourism in this forest is based on gorilla tracking; slightly half of the mountain gorillas reside here. An estimation of 280-320 individuals living in 15 troops. Given the focus on gorillas, it came as...

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