Tour Guide plunges into the Victoria Falls Gorge

Victoria Falls

A professional tour guide is believed to have died after falling to the Victoria Falls rain-forest gorges. Police confirmed the incident, which left Victoria Falls and Livingstone, Zambia residents dumbfounded. Chief Inspector Chisoni, Police Officer in Charge of Victoria Falls police station in Livingstone, Zambia said the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon on the Zambian side of the rainforest. He said the guide was trying to save a tourist who was about to fall into the gorges at a spot called The Devil’s Pool.

The name of the guide is still being withheld as his next of kin are still to be notified but according to sources, the guide was working for a South African based tour company.

“He came here (Livingstone) driving a minibus with tourists from South Africa and were booked at the Water Front,” said the source.

“They then went to the devils pool, a death trap which is very close to the edge of the main falls which are 90 metres deep.”

** Since this report – findings have confirmed that it did not occur at Devils Pool, it actually occurred away from the area – please see “Story Update” and comments below to find out the truth!

He said on getting out of the pool, one of the tourists slipped and was about to fall into the gorges.

“The tour guide quickly grabbed his hand and successfully pulled him back into the pool but in the process lost balance and fell 90metres down,” he said.

The source said every year someone dies at the devils pool.

“People should just be banned from going near the place because it is dangerous. On the Zimbabwean side, there are barriers put in place all over. That should be done here,” he said.

Help was called in and tour operators sent in helicopters.

The fire brigade, police and well wishers responded but they could not locate the guide.


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