Three Lion Cubs Born in Akagera National Park


Rwanda imported lions to Akagera National park as a way of reintroducing the exceptional missing wildlife species in the country but just a while the long waited moment came to pass when the lions gave birth to three lion cubs in Akagera in almost two decades. On May 12thAkagera National park published the long waited news that brought smiles on not only Rwanda park authorities but also the Rwanda tour operators as well as tourists. “We are delighted to be able to confirm the birth of the first lion cubs born in Akagera National Park in almost two decades!” Akagera National Park said in their facebook post. Now that lions have increased in number, tourists have great chances of spotting large lion numbers during their wildlife viewing trips in the Rwanda wildlife haven. Akagera National park now has 10 lions a number that is expected still to go high as time passes by.

The estimated three weeks lion cubs where spotted with their mother “Shema” thanks to the predators who spared their lives till today that they can move and support themselves  giving  way to several wildlife viewing trips in Rwanda. Their arrival has always been anticipated till May 2nd 2016 when the joy bust into everyone’s face. Shema the mother lion might have given birth to four lion cubs but one failed to survive due to high numbers of predators in the jungle as said by lion conservationist.”Shema who is 11 years old, the eldest of the females translocated to the park in 2015, is an experienced mother and is known to have had at least three previous litters before her translocation, including two-year-old Amahoro, who was brought to Akagera along with Shema last year. Their father, Ntwari, is the five-year-old dominant male,” Akagera National Park said.

2015 was a lucky year for Akagera National park because they successfully re-introduced seven lions, five females and two males after spending a number of years in the absence of the famous Big cats. Due to great co-operation between Rwanda & South Africa, the seven lions came from South Africa.Today, Rwanda is one of the best managed national parks offering game viewing to visitors to Africa. There are several amazing game spots within the park and the highest concentration is in the Northern park. The must see wildlife include buffaloes, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos, and antelopes and many others. Tourists heading out to Akagera National park celebrate to meet up with more introductions and other lion cubs in the near future born by sisters Umwari and Kazi who were found mating with Ntwari the male.

Can’t missout talking about the country’s beauty covered by welcoming and nice wonderful people, beautiful lakes, mountains, great climate, good roads, affordable accommodation foods plus other attractions apart from wildlife at Akagera National Park. Although well known for the 1994 genocide, Rwanda has the most excellent tour adventures in the East Africa region followed by none in destination connectivity and fun. Among the countries main attractions, mountain gorillas are shared with Uganda and democratic Republic of Congo and tourists frequent Volcanoes National park to meet the wild humble giants in their natural home but all guests are allowed to spend a minimum of one hour duration that is always spend in photography and observation.

The one hour is valued and amazing that many tourists across world join the session each day to look at the rare giants. Other attractions include the remarkable montane forest Nyungwe with 75 mammal species, 120 butterflies, 275 birds and over 100 varieties of orchids all necessary for rewarding Rwanda nature walk and primate holidays. For nice beaches with impressive landscapes and surprising sunset views, Lake Kivu a center of fresh & safe swim waters offering exclusive weekend gateway and beach adventures for everyone ,old and young. The source of the Nile located in the northern section of Nyungwe forest National park is another Rwanda attraction that one shouldn’t miss.The trail takes around 45-60 minutes in each direction and it’s easy to walk for fun and exposure.

Lions are magnificent animals in different travel destinations and are the prime reasons for Africa game viewing trips and photography. Many Africa holidays  flagout best  when wildlife adventures spot lion during their morning or Afternoon game drives in Africa parks like Masai Mara, Amboseli, Serengeti, Kruger, Queen Elizabeth, Akagera National park and many more. Today lions are found in many parts of Africa especially in most visited wildlife parks famous for exclusive wildlife encounters.


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