Explore Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Elephants

Located in the northern circuit of Uganda, Kidepo valley national park is an isolated national park lying in the rugged semi arid valleys in the borders of Uganda with Kenya along side south Sudan and is the least visited national park in Uganda.   The national park was established in 1962 in order to protect wild life from hunting and the wide spread of tsetse flies that had become a big problem in the park and the surrounding communities.

However, despite of the less visits to the national park, it is blessed with various natural, cultural, historical features some of which are not found anywhere else in the whole world, it hosts approximately 175 bird specie and over 78 mammal species.  Travelers visiting Kidepo valley national park can enjoy the following adventure activities:

Game drives

Made up of the open savanna grasslands, Kidepo valley national park is the best tourism destination in Uganda for game drives. The game drives are done with the help of the rangers who helps travelers spot different wild animals as they feed and hunt down their preys. Some of these animals include lions, which are know for sitting on the rocks in the park, the elephants, cheetah, leopards, jackals, bush duikers bush bucks, bush pigs, and ostriches among others.  Game drives are usually done in the early mornings and late evening since it is the time when most animals are grazing in the open savanna grass lands.

Village walks in the national park

Kidepo national park is located in Karamoja region. This provides a chance to the travelers to move to the neighboring villages where they interact with the local people. Travelers participate in local activities such as traditional dances, preparing local foods, traditional marriages ceremonies, digging and all other local activities. This interaction with the local people gives them a feeling that they are part of the local community and this experience cannot be forgotten even after going back to their original home areas.

Mountain hiking

This hiking is done at mount Murungole, which stands at altitude of 2750m. The mountain is covered with vegetation that harbors various wild lives all-interesting to the travelers. The top of the mountain provides travelers with a clear view of the surrounding communities and other attractions in the national park. It is the site that every traveler should not miss out for the great and memorable experience.


Being a home to over 475 birds some of which are endemic to the national park, kidepo valley national park is the best tourism site for birders.  Birding starts at the rest camp of apoka and also on the boundaries of the two valleys of Narus and Namamukwenyi valleys both within kidepo valley national park. The common birds that can be seen in the national park include among others the Ostrich, Red-and-yellow barbe, Dark chanting goshawk, little bee-eater, Secretary bird, and Kori bustard. Kidepo valley national park s the second after queen Elizabeth national park to have many birds that make the safari so interesting and memorable. Every traveler should therefore move to the northeastern part of Uganda for the great and memorable birding experience.

Where to sleep

Well-established lodges serve Kidepo valley national park and other accommodation facilities among which include the Apoka safari lodge, Kakine Self-catering Campsite and Apoka rest camp all under the management of the Uganda wild life authority (UWA). The accommodation facilities offer high quality services, which meet bot national and international level. Travelers re therefore assured of good and quality services that will add to the total experience never to forget.

In conclusion therefore, Kidepo Valley National Park is an off-the beaten path tourism destination with very unique natural, cultural and historical features. For those looking to touring Uganda, including this park on the itinerary can make you have a unique safari experience of a lifetime.


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