Tarangire National Park: Tanzania’s home of African Elephants

Elephants in Tarangire National Park

Located just off the main safari route Tarangire National Park is a nice and lovely park in Northern Tanzania. Just two hours’ drive from Arusha town makes it one of the very easily accessible park. Tarangire National Park is often overlooked in favour of the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater, making it feels like the park is your private reserve. Tarangire National Park is a total representation of typical African safari, there is plenty to see and a lot of different landscapes. The landscape is beautiful and very different than the savannah as this park is full of huge and very old baobab trees (Baobab trees are the highlight of this park and an incredible nature icon), it’s not flatland so it adds so much to the scenery as well. The park is set on a Tarangire River; the permanent river attracts wildlife from surrounding areas in dry season.

Things to Do in Tarangire National Park


You can take part in a self-drive safari through the park; there you can try to track elephants down the road not just some of them but in abundance. It’s a sanctuary of elephants; if you love elephants this the best place to see them the herds of elephants can be seen from every corner of the park. You spend hours watching elephants using their trunks to suck water from dry river beds, squirting water on their backs, throwing dirt on their backs, young calves playing, running, touching each other affectionately. They are the symbolic animals of this park, but it doesn’t end there, watch for giraffe grazing glasses in the trees not to mention the off chance of seeing lion hunting. You’ll find all kind of wild animals in Tarangire not just some of them, but in abundance! big five and much more.

Walking safari

There are abundance adventures to make you fall in love with African safari in Tarangire other than the obvious one game, guess what that’s not the end there is a walking safari. It’s definitely something totally different (and worth doing) as you sense more like being a part of nature than you would do sitting in a car it adds to the “bush vibe”. You will get closer to some of the wildlife and see more of the beautiful landscape. Walking through a national park certainly puts things into perspective, especially the size of both the park and the animals which gives you a different appreciation for safaris as a whole. And they have also introduced hot air balloon safari to experience migration of animals from the sky.

When to go

The best time for wildlife viewing in Tarangire is from late June to October that’s the middle and end of the dry season the weather is beautiful and sunny. It is easy to spot animals because the vegetation is thin and animals gather around the river.

Where to stay

There are many accommodation facilities available from budget to luxury ones. A visitor has both options whether to spend a night within the park or just outside the park. A park also designated special areas for camping in the park.

The Serengeti is unmatched, Ngorongoro is unique, and Tarangire provides amazing landscapes as backdrops to the many elephants in the park, but Tarangire is a good way to start your African safari when you start there.


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