Addo National Park: Meet the African Elephants


The Addo Elephant National Park is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The area is rustic in nature. Travelers visiting the park stand a chance to see the largest land mammal in the world. The entire park is free from the deadly malaria. The Addo Park has authentic expanses of African bushveld.

The park, situated near Port Elizabeth, has the highest density of elephants in the world. The visit is sure to have a lasting and unforgettable impression on the mind. The park is also famous for the myriad species of birds. Some of the popular species include ostriches, eagles, sunbirds, and secretary birds. Also popular are the flightless dung beetle, cape buffalo, and antelope.

When you hear the black-backed jackal, you know it is evening. Similarly, the francolin’s call signals the dawn of a new day. The elephants in the past were subject to persecution. However, now they roam in the park carefree.

The elephant park came into existence in 1931. During this time, the park could boast only 11 elephants. Today the number stands at a healthy 450. Black rhinos, too, are plenty in number.

There are plans to expand the 164,000-hectare park to more than 360,000 hectares. The creation of a marine preserve is also on the cards. The proposed reserve is supposed to house the world’s largest breeding population of Cape gannets and the second largest breeding population of African penguins.

There are several activities that make a trip to the Addo Elephant Park special and unique. The gentle giants can be approached through the Addo game drives. Experience the authentic African wilderness by a trip to the park. Keep a lookout for the Big 5 and Big 7. The birdlife, too, is rich in diversity. You can even take a walk with the elephants of the park. Follow the footsteps of the ancient travelers. Learn the nature and behavior of the African elephants. Make proper use of the Addo Elephant Walking Safari attraction.

Addo can be visited during the day from Port Elizabeth. You can either take a formal tour of the park or set forth on your own journey.

Accommodations are plenty. Hence, do not hesitate to stay a while longer, especially if you wish to soak up the sounds and views of the wilderness at your own pace.


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