Masai Mara National Park


Wild beasts are not an uncommon sight, as long as you have a zoo in your vicinity. However, the moment the number of animals multiplies from a mere hundred to a hundred thousand, the sight takes on a whole new meaning and you can find adrenaline pumping through your veins. Welcome to Masai Mara National Reserve, the animal lover’s paradise. Want to get a feel of this exotic destination before you actually visit it? Here’s a slice of it.

Now that you are raring to experience the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and the huge range of animals milling it, here is all that your need to know about the Masai Mara National Reserve.

At A Glance
The Masai Mara National Reserve, located in South-Western Kenya, is a large game reserve. It covers an area of 1,510 sq km. Some major rivers flowing through the terrain are the Sand, Talek and Mara Rivers.

How to go there?
There are cheap air flights which you can avail of. The Nairobi Airport is about 280 km away from the Masai Mara National Reserve. Moreover, if you travel with agencies, then you need not worry about how to reach. And those who love to self drive, the route map to Masai Mara follows.

Have you considered the time of the journey?
Masai Mara is best visited between July and October. This time is good because it is the time when the wildebeest and zebra are found in the highest numbers. They go to and fro the Serengeti Park in Tanzania in a grand phenomenon called the ‘Great Migration’.

What are your accommodation options?
Within the National Reserve, there are a number of staying options. However, we are giving you the top 5 lodging choices that you may want to consider.

  • Mara Bush Camp
  • Mara Eden Safari Camp
  • Mara Ngenche Tented Camp
  • Ol Moran Tented Camp
  • Mara Bushtops

They will offer luxurious stay and you can chose according to your budget and luxury requirements.

Now…the exciting part!

What interesting activities can you perform at Masai Mara?

The list is long. Some of them are…

If you visit during July to October, you can experience the Great Migration…do want more?

  • Bird watching
  • Hot Balloon Rides
  • Masai Mara Cultural Tours
  • Horseback Safaris
  • Bush Dinners

The pristine locales, the mind-boggling adventures…but amidst all these fun, don’t forget your responsibilities.

12 Rules while in Masai Mara

  • Gates of Masai Mara are open from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm without any exception.
  • Domestic animals are not allowed inside the reserve.
  • Don’t expose yourself to any danger.
  • Maintain quiet in front of animals.
  • Don’t harass the animals.
  • Don’t harm the vegetation.
  • Speed limit inside the reserve is 50kmph.
  • Don’t collect or remove anything from inside the reserve.
  • Abstain from lighting fires in the non-designated areas.
  • Don’t dispose off anything at places other than selected ones.
  • Don’t photograph the Masai people without their consent.
  • Use well-maintained and well-fueled vehicles to avoid any breakdowns.
  • Even with breakdown, don’t leave your vehicle…help will come to you.

Now are you feeling ready for the trip to Masai Mara National Reserve? What else are you waiting for? Get up and get ready for one of the most exciting adventures of your lifetime.


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