Moremi Game Reserve: Great Game Viewing Area


The Moremi Game Reserve is a National Park that is located in Botswana, Africa. This national park lies on the eastern direction of the Okavango Delta and was named after BaTawana tribe’s Chief Moremi. Moremi was designated as a Game Reserve instead of National Park right from the day it formed. The BaSarwa or the Bushmen living at the area have received permissions to stay in the reserve.

During 1960s, the government distorted its mind and blazed the village of Bushmen, forcing the villagers to shift outside the park. Then the villagers settled to the other side of the Khwai River by naming this newly village as Khwai. The Moremi Game Reserve covers most of the Okavango Delta’s eastern side and joins permanent water. You can enjoy viewing the wonderful savannah game viewing and bird watching on the lagoons. The park also has forested areas that are the home to rare Leopard. The diverse reserve of Moremi Game Reserve covers some 5,000 square kilometers along with the mopane woodland and acacia forests, floodplains, and lagoons.

Considering the wildlife of Moremi Game Reserve, it boasts almost 500 species of birds, and a huge variety of other species of wildlife like buffalo, giraffe, lion, cheetah, leopard, hyaena, impala, jackal, and red lechwe. If you love to explore wildlife then do not miss to visit the Moremi Game Reserve, as it is also home to the African Wild dog, Lycaon pictus. The Moremi region includes one of the most important existing habitat areas for the Lycaon pictus. The city has developed its tourism industry to such an extent that visitors can come here easily and explore the area of their interest.

The area offers outstanding game viewing throughout the year. You can easily reach to Moremi by air or by road through Maun. The reserve provides three serviced campsites that are unfenced. Visiting the Moremi Game Reserve is one of the best options to experience the wilderness. Fauna is flourishing at this place, which is abundant and equally diverse like exotic birds, zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffes, hippos, and lions, but the only huge African mammals not existing here are rhino. While exploring the wildlife, you can also be chilled out by taking a boat to various lagoons like Xakanaxa, Gcobega, and Gcodikwe. This will give you excellent opportunity to take glimpses of birdlife and other game viewing. 

Few of the activities that you could try are consist of water-based game viewing, normally through flat-bottomed motorized boats. Besides this, you can also enjoy the land based walks and game drives. You can get better game viewing options during the dry season that starts from April to October. The game during that period gets more intense along the river courses. The month of October is the best time to see the wildlife if you can bear the extreme heat. Temperatures during this month vary from 38 to 45 Degree Celsius.

The months of September and October attracts Herons and other migrant birds breed. The Khwai River is the best place where you can see such amazing creatures. During these months year round, you will get many raptors and attentions of mammals. Those who are extreme bird lovers must not miss the heronries at Gcadikwe lagoon. Some of the places of interests in Moremi are the Bodumatu pools close to the fourth bridge for birding, Xakanaxa is good for its magnificent scenery and lots of game, and Dombo Hippo pools offer striking sunsets and many hippos. To see the best game in Delta then head to the Chief’s Island where you can see rhinos and Big Five.

Make you trip the memorable by experiencing the best game viewing area called Moremi Game Reserve. This will no wonder, fascinate you entirely. Those who are wildlife fanatics must visit this area in Africa without wasting much time. In fact, you should start planning for as your next trip.


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