Tour Delights in the Lighthouse in Cape Agulhas

Light House at Cape Agulhas

On your tours to Southern Africa, visit the beautiful Lighthouse in Cape Agulhas. This was the second such lighthouse to be built in the southern part of Africa. Today this lovely structure is considered as a national monument and houses the special lighthouse museum and a small beautiful restaurant.

With the entire coastline, the sight of the shipwrecks here is a great visual delight. These storms and huge waves have the capacity of sinking large and huge ships. In fact, there are snow pieces from some of the shipwrecks, which are worth seeing here.

The lighthouse was built to avoid the disasters that plagued the seas here. So the lighthouse was built with an intention to avoid such accidents. The construction of the lighthouse was done with the stone that was mined from a quarry nearby.

The Meisho Maru 38 wreck is very popular here on the shores of the Cape Agulhas. Remains of ancient stone fish traps have been used by the people here and these are visible in the eastern part of the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse in Cape Agulhas has been existent for 150 years and has been witness to many events and formations in the past. In fact, the Agulhas bank is a special geographical formation and is known by the name of Graveyard of Ships due to its continuous disasters and accidents which used to occur in the past.

The museum here has some of the best remains of the past and has a light power of 7500 000 CD and has a revolving electric light that flashes every five seconds. Tourists climb the 71 narrow steps, go up to the top, and enjoy the sights that have held the sunken treasures of explorers who have come here in the past.

Visit the Lighthouse in Cape Agulhas and enjoy the pleasures of a fascinating structure in South Africa.


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