Exciting Safaris in Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso is a beautiful country in Western Africa. Surrounded by six fascinating countries this landlocked beauty has Mali to the north, Benin to the south east, and Niger to the east and Ghana to the south.

This is a friendly and one of the safest African countries and gets very less tourists every year. It is an excellent locale for all who are interested to see a beautiful country in the offing and explore the amazing music and culture this land is famous for. Burkina Faso was dominated by many rules starting from the Mossi to the French with dynamic Ouagadougou as their capital. The colony of Upper Volta is a lovely land that has been established here since 1919 but it was totally reconstituted and dismembered many times till we see what it is today.

Come here and enjoy the camel rides into the desert and experience the pleasures of sleeping in the sand. Guides help you with all this and the entire heavenly experience is pleasant and ecstatic. Take some warm clothes, as it is cold in the desert. Women should always come in pants here, as it is easier to ride the camels. Skirts tend to be uncomfortable.

Hikes here are popular near the Banfora waterfalls. Then of course, you have the ecstasy of enjoying the water delights in the fall. Tourists enjoy the ambience, the surroundings, and the simple rustic beauty of this intriguing area. Take a trip to pirogue and enjoy the sights of the hippos. It is interesting to see their ears stick out of the water only take care you do not go near them.

Visit Sindou peak with the needle shaped peaks, which look magnificent and have been shaped thus due to wind erosion. A great hot spot for a picnic or a hike, these are wonderful natural structures which attract tourists all over the world.


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