Planning a Congo Gorilla Safari Experience

Gorillas in Congo

Tourism in Congo lies in primates, wildlife, indigenous culture, landscape and much more just like other travel destinations but the experience is unique beyond what you can imagine.Most safari journey’s to Congo start at Kigali international airport with a pick up and transfer to your overnight lodge in Kigali city or Gisenyi in Rwanda. Next day is when you cross to the particular place of your discovery in Democratic Republic of Congo in a private safari vehicle and this is done in mornings. Make sure you fly to Africa for any Congo safari after acquiring your Congo Tourist Visa. Take a look at Congo safaris that tourists to East Africa miss but are worth the time and money.

Mountain Gorilla Safari to Virunga

A gorilla safari in Congo to Virunga National park will give you the chance to meet up face-face with  the largest rare giants  of the jungle-mountain gorillas an experience you will cherish for life. The morning drive to park headquarters in Bukima is fantastic, driving under a clear sky with only smoky substances from Nyiragongo and all you can see is its shape up in the skies. local families heading to farm lands amuse how they elders carry hoes as the young ones follow.

Gorilla tracking in Virunga is controlled that only six people are allowed to see a particular habituated gorilla family and spend 60 minutes of observation and photography a moment that impacts lives of travelers. No one takes eyes off the giant silver back as it climbs vines as it chews the broken pieces. Besides, baby gorillas have similar characters because they keep running around playing in tree branches in consideration of the silverback movement. Be the one to tell us how your trek was with a visit to Virunga to see mountain gorillas.

Nyiragongo Hiking Safari

Climbing one of the eight Volcanoes in Virunga is a awesome experience you don’t have to have to miss while in Africa. Nyiragongo eruption created misery in many families that were displaced in Goma but its one of most attractive tour adventures in Virunga National Park and tourists like combining it with gorilla tracking safaris. Getting to the top is rewarding and nights on top of the lave crater lake is exciting .At night the  lake color becomes more dazzling and striking great time for observing it from the edge even at dawn .However, the temperatures on top of the volcano is bellow the freezing level so you need warm clothes all through.

Low Land Gorilla Safari

Find this rare gorilla species in the rain forest of Kahuzi Biega National Park in Congo and the only place with one of the kind and also mountain gorillas in the same country. You may have seen lowland gorillas in central African Republic, Guinea, Gabon, Angola and Cameroon but a trek in Rwanda feels totally different. Get a chance to see low land gorillas and mountain gorillas on a double trekking gorilla safari to Congo with a visit to both Kahuzi Biega national park and Virunga National Park. The process of tracking low land gorillas is just like that f mountain gorillas but the difference is in the nature of gorillas themselves.


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