Self Drive Holiday Experience in East Africa


My wife and I we planned our holiday to visit East Africa and our regions were Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania. At first while planning this self drive tour we looked for the good reliable company to travel with and over the internet we met 4×4 Car Hire Rwanda and the travel expert at this company “Jackie” answered well our questions regarding our holiday. First and foremost we wanted to know how the quote for the vehicle would be and in her swift replies to our questions she came up with 2 options of Vehicles (4×4 Rav4 & Land Cruiser) and each with a very competitive price. Rav4 cost $ 60 USD and Land Cruiser Prado costing $ 90 USD and our choice was the Rav4. As our trip was cutting across all the 4 countries she advised us to use a Ugandan registered plate vehicle though we were starting from Rwanda, for the Ugandan vehicles can cross borders without too much hassle as compared to a Rwandan vehicle. Then we arranged with her such one of her Ugandan vehicle come to meet us in Rwanda at the Kigali International Airport, and a fee of $ 130 USD was met and this included fuel, driver allowances and the COMESA insurance that allows the vehicle to enter into all the 3 foreign countries.

Thereafter after receiving our vehicle and after paying as she advised us to pay upon arrival, we drove to our Mirror Hotel in Kigali, and then the following day we started our trip with the visit to the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and here we experienced the unforgettable gorilla trekking safari visiting the Sabyinyo gorilla family and in this family we were able to see the silver back, juveniles and other 10 members, we spent one hour after meeting them taking photos and videos. After we moved back to the park headquarters for our gorilla trekking certificate and after we had buffet at the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge. Then via the Lake Kivu you will experience the scenic view of the undulating land forms and thereafter with hot en-route lunch, drive back to Kigali – stay at the same hotel as we wait for our visit to the Akagera National Park that offers the African wildlife like the lions that have been re-introduced by the “African Parks” hence promoting Rwanda wildlife tours. Akagera National Park, offers variety of wildlife like lions, elephants, giraffes, bush and water bucks among others and this can be spotted on game drive viewing and others can be spotted while taking the afternoon or sunset boat cruise along the shores of Lake Ihema and these include the crocodiles, hippos and various species of birds both African and European migratory species.

Then via Rusumo border we continued our journey to Tanzania and as the drive was a bit long we had overnight stay at Shingida Lodge, and later we managed to visit the Serengeti National Park and this park is among the African wonders and we spotted a lot of the wildebeest, lions, elephants, buffaloes, zebras among others, visit to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area was so great with the wildlife offered and the undulating landscapes. The Maasai groups of people are so much welcoming to any traveler visiting Tanzania national parks. You can as well visit the snake park and from here you can shop some African souvenirs’ and experience the donkey ride.

More so via Kenya with the visit to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve still African wildlife species is so much experienced and here we took our game drive using the extraordinary fly balloon safari and while on this experience you can have clear view of the animals grazing, undulating landscapes and this experience costs $ 450 USD per person and on your African self drive or escorted tour do not miss this great ride. Then down to Mombasa city enjoyed our holiday at the Dian beach reef and once you at this place you will feel typical African sand beach enjoying the cool weather of the lake and the sunny weather at the shores of the ocean.

After experiencing all this we returned to Uganda via the Malaba border and our point of visit was the Jinja where we experienced the white water rafting and the bungee jumping and both activities take place along the River Nile. More if you have more time you can do fishing, jet boat cruise and also looking for various species of birds. After we visited Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda which offers various species of African wildlife like the Rhinos which you can spot at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is situated in Nakasongola on way to or from this park, lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes among others like giraffes, warthogs, water and bush bucks can be spotted on morning and evening game drives. Boat cruise along the River Nile towards the bottom of the falls or the delta will offer you an opportunity to spot more wildlife like elephants, crocodiles, hippos, sightseeing and bird life species at the banks of the River. In this park you can take the chimpanzee walk and other primates in the Budongo Eco forest and there is much more you can experience in East Africa on your own drive!


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