Save on your Uganda Tour with Discounted Gorilla Permits


Planning to travel on a small budget for gorilla trekking? The low season period is the best period to consider for your life time adventure! Low season is also the rainy season which has been known for less visitors going for gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In order to get more numbers to come visit gorillas even in the rain seasons, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Ugandan government body responsible for Ugandan tourism discounted Uganda gorilla families to USD 450 for foreign residents, use 400 for East African residents with East African working permit from USD $600. The low season covers months starting from April, May and November.

Trekking for gorillas in Africa is a top bucket adventure for so many travelers, but the high price of gorilla permit, plane tickets is what’s delays so many people from coming to see gorillas in the jungle. The off season offer comes with a gorilla permit discount, as well as discounts of air tickets as this is the time with less travels hence less competition for tickets.

Reasons you should take advantage of gorilla permit discount
With fewer visitors for gorillas safaris, you are less crowded and get a very personal time with the gorillas. You have good observation space as well as photographs space. Gorilla trekking is magical and the less crowd, the more personal feel.

Yes this is a rainy season, but rains may not even come that particular day of your trek. Besides, Uganda is a tropical climate where rains can come any time of the year and day. You can decide to go safe and book during the dry season, but it may rain or not! For every gorilla trek, a plan for rain is made! even in the dry season. Take your chances and adventure!

The rain seasons offers easier hikes and drier seasons. This is because in the rains gorillas don’t have to climb uphill looking for food and the lower grounds are green with enough food!
If you are combining your tour with wildlife, this will be a magical trip. The rains are characterized with large wildlife viewing.With the cools weather, wildlife is always in the Savannah with no threat of too much sunshine.

The low season / rainy season is the best of the year to visit queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo and many other national parks.


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