Ways to Help You Save on a Gorilla Safari

Bwindi Forest Gorilla

Gorilla trekking is a unique experience that every visitor never wishes to miss out. The activity takes place in three countries that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In Uganda mountain gorilla are located in south western part that is Bwindi Impenetrable national park which has four sectors such as Buhoma sector, Nkuringo sector, Ruhija sector and Rushaga sector and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which is known to be having one gorilla family. In Rwanda, gorillas lie in volcanoes national park and in Congo, they are located in Virunga National Park.

Uganda and Rwanda are the most visited countries than in Congo which is not safe due to political instabilities.

Tips for less gorilla safari

  • Travelling in the low season
  • Accommodation
  • Book Gorilla permit
  • Self-drive safari
  • Book with a Local Tour Operator

About gorillas

Gorillas have been researched for by Dian Fossey in Rwanda and discovered that they are cousins of human being due to their DNA. Mountain Gorillas can laugh, grieve, have emotional lives, develop strong family bonds, make and use tools, and think about the past and future just like a human being.

The total population of these magnificent mammals is estimated to be 1,087 individuals in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Although Uganda is well known to be having half of the gorillas in the whole world that is 400 individuals

The gorilla habituation is where gorillas are trained for about 1-2 years to be used with human beings. Visitors take 4 hours to visit them at the cost of $1500 in Uganda and Rwanda.

Traveling in the low season

 May, April and November are the low season months and most budgeted visitors prefer in order to safe on gorilla safari. Despite the fact that it’s a low season, there are fewer visitors since it’s a rainy season and the roads are slippery and sometimes impassable. This season lowers the prices of accommodation fee and permits fee since there are less visitors thus making it the best tour for visitors on a budgeted safari.


Uganda has a variety of hotels, campsites and lodges close to most of the tourist’s attractions available to accommodate people visiting the sites.  For those who are adventurous, well-developed campsites are available and Uganda also basic but clean, moderate and luxury accommodations. You are free to stay anywhere provided there is space since the visitors are interested in a budget; Sometimes to the decision about the type of accommodation is determined by the budget for the trip. During the low season, the hotels, lodges and campsites are cheaper than high season.

Self-drive safari

Self- drive specializes in providing family self-drive for camping holidays, for partners, singles and groups of people for tour safaris. Africa Tours Adventure has it all to offer all services; from the vehicle, accommodations, tours, meals, activities and any other request you may have. We also book gorilla permits and chimpanzee’s permits for visitors which are always on high demand and so it is advisable to book permits six months before the travel to avoid the disturbance. We fix the holiday package to fit your pocket, taste, interests and family thus making the tour safari unforgettable one.

Book with a local tour operator

In order to have an interesting tour on a cheap safari, visitors are advised  to contact the local tour operators instead of through online booking platforms whose Safari Bookings add their commission to the price making it expensive. The local tour operators make deals with visitors where they can have higher chances of negotiating for better prices since you are dealing directly with the ground operator. Make sure that you book with a reliable operator with trusted reviews.

For more information about the gorilla safari on a tight budget, contact Africa Tours Adventure which is there to make your dreams come true as well as exploring the whole world.


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