How to Plan a Budget Safari in Africa

Overland Africa

Some travel holidays look expensive and costly in Africa yet in the really sense it’s the opposite. Thousands of tourists visit Africa on overland trips as an option to pay less for their travel adventure. However a number of safari companies offer budget tours to backpacker at affordable tour cost and there is always room for negotiations and adjustments. Also many accommodation owners have built budget lodges/tents and campsite grounds to meet the needs of all travelers at in all levels. Camping is free in some places so long as you carry your camping equipment.

A number of visitors to Africa head straight to the East, south and west Africa since the regions have a lot to see and discover like the Beautiful coastlines and villages of Senegal, Great Africa wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Uganda, the mountain Gorillas in Rwanda ,Uganda & Congo, the famous landmarks and legendary attractions (the city of Timbuktu) in Mali, the home of historical treasures & dazzling destination of temples (ancient Pharaohs tomb) in Egypt, the city of Wonders, Dubai among others without forgetting the friendly people across all Africa regions.

Trip Destination

This is a main aspect to consider before embarking on any tour since destinations differ in accommodation, attractions and setting. If your interest is wildlife adventure the best region to visit is East Africa since you will enjoy beyond ordinary including primates. The connection between countries is easy so you can visit all the East Africa countries on a single visit. Kenya national parks give you the opportunity to dine & sleep in the wild as you explore the legendary wildlife in the countries wildlife game reserves “The Big Five” as well as Tanzania. Uganda and Rwanda are added advantage to your Africa adventure that is if you have some time and funds you can join the world heritage primate viewing activity like gorilla safaris in Bwindi forest impenetrable National park, Mgahinga National park & Volcanoes National park an activity where you hike the jungle and bamboo forest in search of the giant Apes. If you fit enough why not take on a mountain climbing trip in the great mountains of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro, out Kenya, Mount Rwenzori, Mount Meru, Mout Elgon etc. However, you need to do only main activities in particular destination in order to cut of the daily expenditure.

Budget Hotels /hostels & camp

Capital cities, national parks, tourist attractions always have different accommodation facilities and restaurants which cater for all the needs of the visitors in and out daily. Africa has several budget hotels, hostels and camp sites which make travel across the continent easy and affordable. Most of the budget accommodations and facilities are owned by local private individuals who built them with a passion to promote Budget travel in the country. Staying in any locally owned budget accommodation is an exciting experience which brings you close to the local people. Normally the hostel/hotel or campsite staff makes sure your experience is memorable and you feel at home throughout your stay. They always go out of their way to make sure whatever you need is in place.

The greatest hospitality which I can never forget was for the backpacker hostel in Kampala where we had   a swimming pool to cool off the hot sun,nice food plus the excellent staff. Other recommended budget accommodations include: Red chill hide away, Bwindi back back lodge, Nile river campsite, Gorilla friend campsite Bwindi, Buhoma rest camp, Golden monkey hostel, Adrift campsite etc for Uganda, Manyatta Backpackers, South Coast Backpackers, Mara Manyatta Camp, Mara Explorers Camp for Kenya among others.

Travel budget

Don’t empty your credit card due to unplanned travel expenses, always have a budget for everything you do on your travel vacation holiday. People who use travel experts to plan their trips always spend less and enjoy every moment of their stay. Not all tour agents are expensive just plan along with them and frequent communication will enable you get exactly what you looking for in line with your budget. Always involve experts to plan your tour holiday to any corner of Africa for easy travel and fun. Selecting the right country can really make or break your budget as you discover the extreme comfort and style in Africa.


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