Top tips to Save on Car Rental in Uganda and Rwanda

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Car hire fees vary from country to country. There are so many car rental agencies in Uganda on the internet that offer good services at different prices depending on the type of car, model, Purpose and duration of your trip.

Below are proven tips to book a self-drive car cheaply in Rwanda and Uganda

Book in advance

Early booking will save lots of money as there is time for you to negotiate with the car hire company to get a better car cheaply. You have the time to look for a discount from the car hire providers.

Most car hire agencies take advantage of desperate rental car seekers as you are naïve of car rental services and you badly need a car at that time so the car provider has a chance to teller the client any price he/she feels like due to the urgency of the car hire need. So you have to find some time and book in advance to avoid those desperate moment where the car hire agencies will charge you highly.

Make a comparison before you reserve

There are score of fair car rental agencies waiting for your inquiry or your business. Go through a couple of car hire companies and compare their rates. Ensure you look at the collision damage waiver, unlimited mileage, road assistance and confirm if they are all included in the car hire package.

Look for car rental discounts

There are always promotions put up on the internet for car rentals in terms of discount codes and coupon. First look for them, you never know, it might be your lucky day and rent a car in Uganda and beyond at reduced price.

The advantages of booking a car online

Get rid of hidden fees!

When you book a car online, the expenses that are all included in the car hire packaged are always brought forward for you and well detailed. So you get to know the real face value of the car hire services you are going for other than meeting them during the or after the car hire experience which might be the case when you just hit the car hire premises and ask for car hire and later on you regret why you got involved in car hire services.

Time saving and Convenient

Online car rental is very convenient and time saving. Using your computer or phone, visit different car rental websites, send inquiries about their quotes and you will be relied in less than 24 hours. It is a few clicks then you get what you want so fast. There are no any hassles while booking online as you can do it anywhere and at anytime of the day where in your car, office or home.

Always look for ways to save money on car rentals while traveling through online booking and this comes with a lot of benefits as mentioned above other than saving money.


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