Frequently Asked Questions on Armored Car Leasing in Africa

Armored Land Cruiser

What is car leasing all about?

Car leasing to others isn’t a familiar word and so are its benefits. Leasing a car serves best as a better alternative to traditional auto purchase/financing. It is commonly used by businesses when acquiring a company car. Compared to buying, vehicle leasing can cost you less though it comes with some limitations like mileage limits, non-customization agreements which determine if it is better to lease or purchase a car.

Is it a good idea to lease a vehicle?

Leasing a car comes with its unique benefits that you won’t find with other auto financing offers. They include among others maintenance offers, lower payments, no need to trade-in/sell an old car. Therefore, whether it is better buying or leasing a vehicle, it all depends on benefits and other factors that you have to put into consideration.

Can I purchase the lease car?

Majority of auto lease agreements have buy-out clauses in them just in case you develop interest in the car and buy it. Bearing in mind that the rate for buying it may differ, firstly, considering its residual value after the lease contract has expired. There are other alternatives to buy your leased vehicle before completion of the contract. This in particular, may require you to get in touch with a financing representative.

How do I know what level of car I need?

This may depend on the nature of your threat and car usage. However, we take responsibility to assess it for you and advise accordingly.

How is the performance of armored cars affected?

The performance of the armored car isn’t extremely affected since we use lightweight armor in the car that we armor. Armored cars use exclusively ballistic steel and this can be spotted with SUV cars. Addition of 180kms can be added to the base weight.

How far can the run flat tyres take if I’m shot out?

It is possible to drive for about 100kms at 80kms/hr but this may depend on the nature of the road and the car load.

Can an armored car be insured against accidents, damage and theft?

Yes, just like other cars, armored cars can also be insured. However, in case of accident, damage/attack, parts of the car and glass replacement can be made.

Can any car be armored?

Yes, most of them can be armored!

Which parts of the car are armored?

The aim of armoring a car is to ensure protection of its occupants. Considering this in mind, the armoring builds a cocoon around the passenger compartment. For the case of a B6, some other parts can be armored to ensure protection and mobility. But armoring can entirely be done as client’s desire.

Is it possible for me to armor my current car and how long can it take?

A glass can be manufactured/provided but it can take about 3months for the case of B4 build and 5months for a B6 build from the date of order.


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