Corkscrew: Essential Things to Carry on Safari

Corkscrew for African Safari

Some very useful tips to open a bottle of wine. South African delight. It happened to me before: A whole 12 day safari on which I forgot to take a corkscrew.

It was not only embarrassing towards my clients, it also looked very unprofessional for an upmarket safari company. But what could I do in the middle of the bush?

Since they had booked an all-inclusive tour (and yes, the wine was included), I had no choice but to open the bottles of wine.

I am sure you had that experience as well. You first bend a knife or two or maybe even break one off. The cork starts to crumble and your wine gets these floating particles on top.

Or you are very clever and try to push the cork into the bottle, at which stage your face most likely gets drenched in red alcoholic liquid.

Would I have had the knowledge I have now, nobody would have noticed that I forgot the corkscrew.

I have collected a few videos about how to open a bottle without a corkscrew.

The difficult way:

The easy way:

The very easy way:

I hope you have a smile on your face after having seen the clips. From now on you most likely WILL forget a corkscrew since you don’t need it any more.
Have you forgotten any essentials on safari apart from a corkscrew, let me know….!

I say cheers to your next safari.


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