Comparing Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Vs Rwanda


The whole truth is that both Uganda and Rwanda have the endangered mountain gorillas and there is no big difference when it comes to the experience obtained at the end of your gorilla trek. The only difference is that Rwanda Mountain Gorillas are in the Virunga ranges with mainly bamboo as the main vegetation while in Uganda these mountain gorillas are in a tropical rain forest with varieties of trees and plants.

The chances of seeing gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda are 99%, so which ever country you visit you will be able to see these great endangered apes in their natural environment. It is however believed that Rwanda gorillas are easy to see because of the montane vegetation which is not very thick compared to the rain forest vegetation but this is in the mind set of people gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda is a well organized activity the trek are always great no matter which country you trek in.

Thus, the question of which country is best for gorilla tracking between Uganda Vs Rwanda is a very tricky question. Many travelers say Rwanda is better option than Uganda and reasons to support this is that Volcanoes National Park is a 2-3 hours drive from Kigali compared to 8-9 hours from Entebbe to Bwindi. People used to avoid gorilla trekking in Uganda because of this long drive but Africa Tours Adventure arrange tours to Bwindi via Kigali which then becomes 4-5 hours drive only. This is why you should now choose to book gorilla trekking in Uganda so that you save off by paying US$700 for gorilla tracking in Uganda compared to US$1500 for gorilla tracking in Rwanda helping you save US$800. With this you will land in Kigali use the East African Visa allowing you to visit both Rwanda and Uganda at an affordable price.

Is it safe to track Gorillas in Uganda

Uganda is a very safe destination for gorilla watching. Since the 1999 Bwindi Massacre, Uganda beefed up its security and gorilla tourism has been undisturbed for all long.


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